• Mugello 200 cc complete kit for small block casings £439.99

    Nicasil lined alloy cylinder with extra boost port, piston rings, gudgeon pin & securing clips, all cylinder gaskets & latest 7 stud fixing head, exhaust studs nuts and washers, 4 x long cylinder studs. These kits are of modern design & produced using the best materials available . Theses kits need a much reduced running in period, they are also very fuel efficient even when using the larger non standard carburettors. The piston is a light alloy type giving enhanced durability. These kits can be used with standard carburettors & exhaust although Dell Orto 26-28-30 PHBH or PHBL 25 mm carburettors do give increased performance( see our carburettor section ). To release the full potential an Ancillotti or expansion type exhaust should be fitted.

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