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These are used on the Targa Twin and are the best rear hubs available, made in Italy by Tino Sacchi to the highest standard. Very strong, very safe, recessed section for locking ring as on series 2 models. Fits all LI,TV,SX and GP models from 1958 to present day. Supplied with cone, locking ring, grub screws and studs.
Super safe rear hub
The best split rims available, made in Italy by Tino Sacchi, Very safe, very round. Finished in white
Super safe wheel rims
Aluminium tubeless wheel rim to fit wthout tubes, greater safety & look superb! Made by SIP. Supplied as one wheel rim with four chrome nuts & washers. Also supplied with four hub studs, you will have to remove the original studs and fit the new ones suppliedWe have fitted Continental, Michelin & Sava tyres giving excellent fitting & removal. Fully tested on race & sprint scooters, fitting service also available. Please choose your finish!
Lambretta tubeless rims
Permanent seal for tyres. High speed grade. Sears puncture up to 6mm in diameter. Allow tyres to run cooler. Enough solution to use in six tyres and also works on tubeless
Puncture safe
8mm, please choose dome, nyloc,stainless steel or zinc plate
Wheel nut

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