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Excellent quality for use with standard engines up to 200cc and 186 mugello cylinders. Made in england also available in 4 litre bottles
Rock oil semi synthetic two stroke oil 1 litre
Very high quality for use with high powered engines such as Imola, Monza, TS1 and RB. Made in england, available in 1 or 4 litre, please select your size
Rock oil Synthesis 2 two stroke oil
High quality gear oil for your Lambretta price listed is per litre
ST90 Gear box oil ONE LITRE
Best quality brake cleaner available
Wurth brake cleaner 500ml
Best quality carburettor cleaner available, solves a lot of those little niggles!
Wurth carburettor cleaner 500ml
Superb metal protector and lubricant on exposed metail surface, frees rusted bolts, nuts etc New nice smelling type!
Wurth ultra 2040 lubricant
For all engine gasket faces
Hylomar instant gasket
For accurate measuring of two stroke oil
Oil measuring jug

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