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T.S. Accurate, variable timing from the worlds best Lambretta electrical unit. Advances & retards with engine speed for safe riding. No need for expensive add on advance/retard kits. Its all here in one package. Please select your model
Varitronic ignition systems
Latest high powered stator plate, flywheel, Ducati regulator and  Ducati CDI unit.
Electronic ignition systems GP Indian
Fits with Indian electronic system
Ducati regulator
Fits Indian ignition system
Ducati CDI
Available in, b7es, b8es, b9eg, b9es. Please note different prices for each type. Please select type you require, remember a spare is always a good idea!
Spark plugs
Copper core, price listed is per metre. Please indicate the number of metres required by increasing the quantity in the basket, i.e if you need 3 metres change the quantity to 3
Spark plug lead

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