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Nicasil lined alloy cylinder with extra boost port, piston rings, gudgeon pin & securing clips, all cylinder gaskets & latest 7 stud fixing head, exhaust studs nuts and washers, 4 x long cylinder studs. These kits are of modern design & produced using the best materials available . Theses kits need a much reduced running in period, they are also very fuel efficient even when using the larger non standard carburettors. The piston is a light alloy type giving enhanced durability. These kits can be used with standard carburettors & exhaust although Dell Orto 26-28-30 PHBH or PHBL 25 mm carburettors do give increased performance( see our carburettor section ). To release the full potential an Ancillotti or expansion type exhaust should be fitted.
Mugello 200 cc complete kit for small block casings
Cylinder, piston, rings, gudgeon pin & clips, exhaust studs, nuts & washers, cylinder head, 3 cylinder base gaskets,  exhaust & inlet gasket, 3 cylinder head locator studs.
Mugello 186cc (107 conrod) (7 port)
To fit 200cc engine casings offering yet more power in this latest version, complete ready to bolt on kit. Wide range of carburettors and exhausts are also available for this item. Supplied with barrel, piston, latest cylinder head design, cylinder studs, exhaust gasket,nuts, studs, washers and inlet gasket. Base gasket 0.3mm,0.5mm,0.6mm. Made in Italy by Tino Sacchi. Latest 2019 version.
Mugello 225cc (107 or 116 conrod) version 5
Kit comprises cylinder head, piston kit, reed valve, inlet manifold, complete cylinder gasket set. Works best with 30mm Dell Orto PHBH carburettor. MASSES OF POWER OUT OF THIS BABY REEDVALVE KIT.
Super Imola 186cc (107 or 116 conrod) please state which you require SOLD OUT
Available as 107mm rod and 116mm rod, please select your size
186cc Mugello piston
Availabe in 107mm rod and 116mm, please select size
225cc Mugello piston 107mm rod
Available for 107mm rod or 116mm rod, please select your size
186cc Imola piston
Available for 200 or 225, please select your size
Piston rings Mugello, Monza

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