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Restoration photographs

So you want a fully restored scooter built for you, or maybe your own scooter restored. The following should give you an idea of how a restoration should really be carried out. With over 30 years of restoration projects behind us, we know the right way to do it. We can restore to original specification or give you the wildest custom scooter you can imagine.


1, Back from the dead

All scooters are carefully stripped and components checked for repair or replacement. The frame and forks are fitted to our bespoke jigs to check alignment and geometry. A full check list is made and all new parts or original parts are taken for bead blasting.

2. First leg

The body parts are checked for damaged threads, split cracks and distortion. Once rectified the required parts are dry built to ensure the correct alignment of panel including front and rear light units.

3, Second leg

Once panel fit is correct, any defects (dents etc) are panel beaten out and lead filled where required. We do use some body filler but keep this to a minimum to reduce the risk of cracking. The scooter is then shipped to the body shop for the finishing.

4, Third round proper.

All aluminium and steel parts are etch primed, filler primed and dry flatted. All panel work is checked for surface defects and stopper filled if required. Final filler primer are applied on and all panels are wet flatted. Final coat (metal flake, pearlescent, metallic, straight colour etc) is applied and lacquered where required!

5, Round four.

While all the bodywork is being worked on we will have stripped, cleaned and checked the engine and, gathered all the required parts for your pride and joy.

6, Round five

Before the scooter returns from the body shop, final checks are made to the painted surfaces and all surfaces are polished.

7, Round six

Your scooter is built into a rolling chassis making it easier to move around (and less likely to get damaged)

8, Semi final.

Once the rebuild is complete we will road test, MOT and tax the scooter. Final adjustments are made to brakes, cables and carburetion.

9, Final.

You receive your scooter with all required documents and long enjoyable days of riding ahead!

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