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Sandblasting & Paintwork

Know which paintwork you want already? Save time and click on the link below to send us your details so we can start planning how we can help you.

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Are you happy that you bodywork, frame and forks are all straight? If so the details below cover off everything we do to prepare and finish your scooter, if not we strongly suggest you look at our frame and fork jig services page via the repair, rebuild and restore tab above.


The body work will be extensively prepared to make it ready for paint process.

Everything will now be gently blasted down to bare metal. This will show any splits or holes that need repairing. Once those repairs are completed all panel work is worked to its correct shape if required and filled using the minimum of polyester filler. If you prefer we can lead fill (please contact first)


The machine is then etch primed, two pack primed and then top coated with the finish of your choice, the whole scooter is then de-knibbed where required and polished.


Please find a list of prices below:


Sand blasted full scooter Vespa   £150

Sand blasted full scooter Lambretta  £150

Paint, straight colour  from £1250

(ie not metallic pearl etc)

Paint scooter in two straight colours from £1500

Paint scooter in single metalic colour from £ 1600

Paint scooter in single pearlescent colour from £1800

Paint scooter in single metal flake colour from £2500

Paint scooter in eeriedess/candy/vreeble contact us.


These prices are guides only, as it is your pride and joy please use the services form at the top of the page to give us more detail.


Stainless steel fixings

We can supply various fixings to rebuild your scooter

Full Vespa rebuild pack

Full Lambretta rebuild pack

Separate smaller packs are available.

We can also offer pinstripping, gold and silver leaf work.

Real sign writing, and airbrush work, estimates can be given by phone, fax or use the service form at the top of the page.