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Frame Jig Lambretta

It is essential that your frame and forks are measured for true geometry before you restore your pride and joy.

Many of our customers have restored scooters only to find that the handling is flawed or just plain dangerous.

We cannot emphasise the importance of this service. A few hours on the jigs and the necessary repairs will make a huge difference to your Lambretta scooter.


Remember you will only need to do this once, better to do it before you restore your Lambretta.


We can fit new fork tubes, stand and leg shield cross members, rear brake pins, rear footboard arms and much more.

Before you decide to scrap or shelve that old frame, give us a ring to discuss your requirements.

Please note, we only have facilities to repair series 1, 2, 3, and GP frames and forks. We cater for Italian, Spanish, Indian and South American products.


To date ( 2017 ) we have repaired over five hundred Lambretta frames using our purpose built jig. The accuracy we gain is through a long period of research into the construction of said frames, access to copies of the blueprint drawings and measurements of new old stock frames.


A short point in case,

Mr  X from Kent restored his 1971 GP200 electronic to a superb standard only to find that the scooter ‘skipped’ around left bends. A full strip down and frame/fork repaint after jigging cost £800 inc shipping to and from us. This did not take into account stripping and then rebuilding once repainted, add another 30 – 40 hours!


We can arrange pick up of your frame and forks from your home or place of work using a well known, reliable courier service.

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Know what a jig does already? Save time and click on the link below to send us your details so we can start planning how we can help you.

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