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Fork Jig Lambretta




Frame and fork jig Lambretta.

Crucially these two main components are the first items you MUST check before even thinking about a fancy paint job.


These forks have been damaged during an impact at some time ( SEE ABOVE PHOTOS). The left hand fork boot was twisted.: the tube itself was pushed forward by 6mm.

All this after the customer had spent good money having them painted. Our custom built fork jig will show any dimension faults, which we can then rectify.

As important as the forks is your frame. If you want a scooter that will go round corners as it was meant to, have it jigged.

Our custom built frame jig will show us whether the dimensions are correct or not.

Measurement checks are as follows:


1,    Fork main tube centre position.

2,    Castor angle,

3,    Distance between frame top and toolbox top apperature.

4,    Distance between fork tube weld and toolbox lower apperature.

5,    Fork legshield support to stand cross member.

6,    Legshield support to rear footboard support.

7,    Panel apperature near side (left)

8,    Panel apperature off side (right)

9,    Legshield and stand cross member height and hole position.

10,  Rear brake pedal support pin.

11,  Nearside rear footboard support position.

12,  Offside rear footboard support position.

13,  Rear brake pedal support pin.

14,  Main fork tube top shape.

15,  Main fork tube bottom shape.

16,  Main engine mount tube section.


All done? Usually not, at this stage something has to be altered. We will contact you with an estimate on the cost which will be accurate within half an hour either way.

The frame and forks we can repair are series 1.2 & 3 and GP Italian produced models, Indian and Spanish series 1,2&3 and GP.

The cost for fork jig check is £40 per fork system.

The cost for frame jig check is £40 per frame.

Labour cost per hour is £40

Pick up and delivery of your frame can be arranged, please send all your details to us via the form at the top of the page and we will contact you with your scheduled date.

Please note we CANNOT jig your frame or forks while you wait under ANY circumstances

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