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Engine rebuilds

Price guidelines

Vespa engine rebuild

Prices are intended as a guide, to discuss your needs further please use the service form on this link

There are so many variables on engine work that it is impossible to give accurate qoutes without stripping the engine. We can strip the engine and give an accurate price once all the components are checked

Lambretta engine rebuild

Complete Lambretta engines

These are complete engines ready for your scooter, please contact us to discuss your requirements. We can build an engine to the specification that you require and can guide you along the way. Carburettors and exhausts are not included in these prices as thre are so many different items available. Please contact us and we can advise on suitability for your engine specification.

Engines can be the biggest problem with owning a scooter.

This is the heart of your machine, without this functioning correctly you are going nowhere.

Remember these three words, NO    SHORT    CUTS.

“My mate down at the club will do it for a fiver and a tin of spam”

I concede there are some fine amateur mechanics; however there are also some stinkers.

Remember what they have they have told you they have done, also remember what they haven’t done when you are stuck on the A34 when that seal they thought looked ok packs up.

Top quality bearings, seals and other components cost more but are worth the extra cost.

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