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Lots of customers take the time to tell us when we have done a good job, this is always great to hear and helps us improve the service we offer and also lets you see the kind of things we can help with that you might not know about.
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Below are some of the great things people have said about their experience with us, for data protection purposes only first names are shown.

"Hello Mike,exhaust fits a treat,well happy thanks for your help....................Brian"

"just to say Mike those first studs you sent me were spot on, all fitted , I just though they were not long enough to start with ...................thanks yours Rick"

"Hi Mike, thanks again for the advice and work you did on my Lammy engine, it is running sweet as a nut now and is totally reliable for the first time in donkeys years, all the best Brian"

"Hi Mike, have finally got my gp200 running good,did about 30 miles last night checked plug regularly and is brown.
Even hit 65mph with more to go,this is what I have ended up with for your records.
AV266 ATOM(tried AS266 at start but was running weak so changed)
X7 NEEDLE(second from top)
I had to persevere with this and took it slow to begin with.
Many thanks for your help/advise with engine rebuild etc after my problems elsewhere!!